Jaejoong’s “sweet” vacation in Japan = YunJae meeting in Japan?


(130418) Jaejoong tweeted a half-naked selca, he said “goodnight v” and went MIA after that.


(130419) Keibo’s tweet
RT @ndyho [trans] a friend from korea gave me an absurd gift. haha what is this ! ! good luck tomorrow dood! RT @IamKeibo 韓国の友達からめちゃくちゃいいプレゼントもらた! 笑なにこれ!! good luck tomorrow dood!


I’m sure that “the friend from korea” is Jaejoong, if you remember, Jaejoong started following @IamKeibo a week after keibo tweeted this. I think Keibo is one of friends whom Jaejoong met during his “sweet” vacation. lol. In the pic above, Japanese fans also replied his tweet saying the person is Jaejoong. I wonder why keibo said “good luck”…

(130421) Yunho was seen at Gimpo airport, Korea in the morning after missing in Japan for 16 days. did I count the days right? (April 5-April 20). 


(130422) Yunho going back to Japan.


(130424) YamaPi wrote a diary

“Recently, I received a new watch from a person I know. It’s so cute that I use it everyday *smiles* I’m not a person that desires a lot of things but, I like a lot watches and cars ne. *peace*”
cr: yamapikingdom


could it be a birthday present from Jaejoong? :)

The fact that Jaejoong went to Japan secretly is unknown until a fan posted FA about JJ visiting Japan. That fan went to Jaejoong’ sister shop on April 24. Here’s the FA:

[ROUGH TRANS] I went to Crebeau Jeff!! Jiji, Yoyo and Jaejoong’s older sister greeted me!! It seems like Jaejoong is going back from Japan to Korea, today… Being able to listen to (this) raw story about Jaejoong, I ended up shivering.

‏@bubububu26 クレビュージェフ行ってきました!! ジジとヨヨとお姉さんが出迎えてくださいました !! ジェジュンは今日、日本から韓国に戻るそうです、、ジェジュンの生話聴けて、震

So Jaejoong is supposed to go back to Korea on April 24…

(130425) Fuku shared Tohoshinki promotion truck with Yunho pic on it on his FB and he also tweeted “A man came to eat my cooking”


Yamapi once mentioned in Mini station that he and Jaejoong went from Tokyo to Kujukuri in Chiba Prefecture with helicopter, and ate grilled clams.

[TRANS] [Yamapi mentions JJ in Mini-Station]

Takeuchi (MC): Starting! Tonight, Yamashita Tomohisa-san!
Y: Good evening. Glad to see you!
T: Good evening. And also, SCANDAL.
S: Good evening. Glad to see you.
T: We’ve received this question for you. “Please show us your most memorable photo of this summer.” So, Yamashita-san?
Y: Yes
T: The photo you prepared for us is here.
Y: The photo is not so clear…when a friend of mine came from overseas, we borrowed and had a cruise on a helicopter.
S: Nice… I want to go, too…
Y: Went from Tokyo to Kujukuri (t/n: Kujukuri Beach, a famous beach in Chiba Prefecture), ate grilled clams, and came back.
T: Wow~~grilled clams!
Y: It was a very fulfilling trip.
T: That’s so nice…


credits: SCANDOLLVOX @ youtube
Trans: smiley@OneTVXQ.com

Fuku lives in Chiba, doesn’t he? so that day Jaejoong and yamapi visited fuku? why did fuku post a pic of Toho truck with yunho’s pic on it all of a sudden on the same day? XD

After going back to Tokyo, it seems Jaejoong and his friends visited an amusement park (Joypolis), Jaejoong and yamapi left their autographs there. You can see the date is April 25, 2013.


(130427) Jaejoong was online around 5 am KST/JST, he didn’t tweet anything, only followed keibo’s twitter @IamKeibo. this is basically like a confirmation  that he and Keibo did meet. Today is also Tohoshinki’s day-1 concert in Saitama.

(130428) There was a rumor saying a fan saw Jaejoong near the hotel THSK stayed in Japan. There was no pic though. I don’t know whether it’s true or not.

When Tohoshinki concert day-2 started, Jae was spamming LINE with his “sweet holiday” pictures.

After he spammed LINE with pictures some fans thought he was already in Korea and was “sleeping” but… hours later Jaejoong was seen at GIMPO airport…walking alone.. ㅋㅋ


I’m so amazed by Jaejoong’s Ninja skill. Nobody knows when exactly he went to Japan..Jaejoong said that he spent a week in Japan (I’m sure he stayed there more than a week, lol)

There’s high possibility that YunJae met in Japan. The place where toho holds time concert, Saitama,  isn’t that far from Tokyo, and if you look at the timeline above, Jae has so much time to visit yunho. maybe Jaejoog even met yunho before yunho went back to Korea on April 21. XD


Jaejoong had been in Japan for days before his sister told a fan that he was going back to Korea on april 24 (JJ actually went back on April 28). I think Jaejoong went to Japan secretly before/on April 19 (that time yunho was still in Japan, yunho went back to Korea on April 21).

It’s a fact that Jaejoong spent his vacation with yamapi and his other friends (fuku, keibo), but he didn’t spend each day of his vacation with them, =)

These pics that Jaejoong shared on LINE, I think they were taken in the same day. and also the stories he shared:

"I stayed in Japan for a week. I met friends and had some delicious foods…!!! Because I made so many precious memories, I’m going to share with all of you~^^"

"The picture that I took on the helicopter!!^^
Who did I ride with?”

"It’s my friend who came to Korea to meet me^^!!"

"The commemorative photo in the sky, haha!^^"

"And!! I went to amusement park with my friend~~^^"






I’m not sure when this pic was taken.

"The sweet vacation that I had for a week~
I told ‘I’m happy’ several times a day I always smiled because I really felt happy~^^”



it’s said that the location where JJ took the picture above is the same location where yunho filmed “O” footage in Japan.image


There are other stories which we (fans) do not know. As fans we can only guess what happened back then, maybe someday we will know, but even if we won’t get to know the rest of the “2013 Kim Jaejoong sweet vacation in Japan” story, I will still look at those days and smile because damn yunjae gave me so much feels during those days. XD

It’s been almost a year, I edited the post and put some pictures, =)

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Lets see how many people actually believe in this couple.

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@bornfreeonekiss new dp! ^^


j-party backstage pic

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