30s of sun&moon.

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YUNJAE!!!!! ^_____________^


#Credit: tvxqhk.


{fanmade} Please don’t take pictures of Jaejoongie.

Bowller hat ^^

YunJae airport fashion this week.


Bowller Dope Hat (Black)

Price: 52,000 won



Bowller B Beanie (Black)

Price: 38,000 won


Jaejoong’s new tattoo:


it’s originally from “AMA ET FAC QUOD VIS”, which means “Love and do what you will”

Jaejoong and TVXQ got their tattoos from the same tattooist


Yunho, Jaejoong, and Yoochun went to same restaurant: 참이맛감자탕(Chamimat gamjatang)

Address: 강남구 논현동 241-14번 (241-14 Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul)

pics cr: Jessie_熙子YJM

Isn’t it funny.. those stans who claim to know Yunho very well hate JYJ so much, but these two Yunho’s best friends don’t seem to have any hard feelings towards JYJ and CJES.

1st pic: Park Sanghyuk thanked CJES’ CEO Baek Changjoo.

2nd pic: Kim woojoo liked and commented on a picture of JYJ’s “The return of the king” concert.

They (Park Sanghyuk and Kim Woojoo) know Yunho more than any fans out there. Kim Woojoo is Yunho’s best friend who revealed that Yunho suffered from depression because of the lawsuit. He was there when Yunho went through hard times.

Look at them they’s supporting JYJ.. Park sanghyuk is also still close with Jaejoong. XD I really can’t wait for the day Yunho talk about JYJ. He will definitely slay all the stans~  XD